Another Trip to montreal recently allowed me to dig deeper into Quebec's golden 60's Psych/Pop/Garage bins and I turned up some great gems. Lots of these 45s are relatively obscure and unheard in most english-speaking territories. Quebec made up the third biggest record buying market in the 60's so it allowed for a multitude of regional hits with decent sales figures considering how few of these records broke out of Quebec itself let alone Canada.

Mixed in are some cool Instrumentals crossing psych and soul together yielding some awesome results. 

60's Quebec was truly the place to be and it's evidenced further by this awesome telephone book I found there:


Today's Playlist:

Le Funky - Trevor Payne

Je T'Appellais Monsieur - Maryrene

Blue Jeans Sur La Plage - Les Hou-Lops

Des Cheveux Longs, Des Chemises A Pois - Nathalie

Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles - Les Strangers

Pauvre Odile - Melisa (arr. JC Vannier)

Stercok - Georges Raudi

Smokey Dog - Les Luths

Le Bonheur - Marthe Fleurant

No No Yes Yes - Serge Gainsbourg (from the film Mister Freedom)

Beautiful, Beautiful America - Serge Gainsbourg (from the film Mister Freedom)

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Today, I previewed a few tracks from the forthcoming Mondo Chic compilation of Ye-Ye beat instrumentals I'm working on alongside two classic tracks from Katty Line and one of France Gall's most popular 60's German language singles.

1-2-3-4 - Les Mustangs

Der Computer Nr. 3 - France Gall

Je N'ai Jamais Vraiment Pleuré - Chantal Kelly

Palpitations - Les Français

Un Petit Peu D'amour - Katty Line

Chacun Sa Bataille - Katty Line

Johnny, Remember Me - Pierre Cavalli

Va T'en - Karo

7,65 - Les Sorciers

Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges - France Gall

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Closing out the year with some rare exotic psych jams from France, Italy and a couple American 45s this time too! If you missed the show, some of these tunes are features on my most recent 8 traks mix. Link available below

Dans le Ventre d'une Enorme Baleine - Karo

Les Prisons de sa Majesté - Delphine

Cleopatra - Paul Vance and his Orchestra (arranged by Billy Muir)

L’idole des Jaunes - Stella

Patrick-Jerk - Les “Pros”

Bonne Année - Jean-Pierre Massiera

La La Lu - Pussycat

Bush Fire - Les Play Boys

Je Sais Bien - Chantal Kelly

Pink Dominos - The Crescents featuring Chiyo

Commanche - Link Wray

Alle Luce Del Giorno - Ennio Morricone

Bonne Année 1969 - Jean-Pierre Massiera

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Summertime took me to eastern Canada where the record bins bore many fruits. Today's focus is the singers and bands of 1960's Quebec. In all the enthusiasm for French pop, this Francophone subsect gets tragically overlooked in favor of their french counter parts. I hope to shed some light on them today.

Doo da Dou - Michele Richard

Je Veux Chanter Pour Toi - Christyne Chartrand

Tu Es Impossible - Les Sultans

Last Night - Les Versatiles

Les Bibettes - Karo

Un Jour Un Jour (theme from the '67 expo) - Karo

Hey Freinds Hey Friends! (theme from the '67 expo english version) - Michele Richard

Je Cherche - Les Lutins

Le Premier Chagrin d'Amour - Claire Lapage

Chalala- Les Megatones

Je Suis Libre - Michele Richard

Regarde-Moi - Les Milady's



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Today's show takes a brief survey of tunes from 4 different 45s by Hungarian Singer Koncz Zsuzsa. Czech singer Helena Vondráćkova wraps up the Eastern European portion of today's show before diving into some Canadian singers and a rare 45 from Les Monegasques.

Keresem A Szót - Koncz Zsuzsa

Nyíló Vêrpiros Rózsa - Koncz Zsuzsa

Gyilkossággal Vádollak - Koncz Zsuzsa

Tácdalfesztivál- Koncz Zsuzsa

Ptači Hnizda - Helena Vondráćkova

Amoureaux D'une Affiche - Laura Ulmer

Tout Plus un Sourire - Les Monegasques

Un Garçon Mini Jupe - Karo

Il Flotte - Les Parisiennes 

Tu - Agnès Loti

Je Ne Mens Pas - Ronnie Bird

1293 Métres G.O. - Les Champions

Prends La Caravelle - Les Flash

Ne Perds Pas Se Temps - Marissa


For more, check out my mixes on 8tracks:

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45s galore today! Some highlights from today's show include a couple of tunes written and arranged by the great Mickey Baker, a Johnny Hallyday song featuring a young unknown Jimmy Page on guitar plus an instrumental group (Les Gottamou) featuring Nino Ferrer on bass. Lastly, I'm giving some love to local bi-lingual rockers Cutty Flam and playing a tune off their latest CD.

Hully Bach - Les Fantômes

Je Ne Mens Pas - Ronnie Bird

Nefertiti - France Gall

Je Suis La Tigresses - Delphine Desyeux

Caravan - Les Sunlights

7 Heures du Matin - Jacqueline Taieb

Tu Chang’ras D’avis - Les Missiles

Gamma-Goochee - Les Gottamou

Deux Jours Avec Toi - Christine Lebail

Chanson Indienne - France Gall

Tout Casser - Johnny Hallyday

Les Cameleons - Anna St. Clair

Je Suis Libre - Michelle Richard

Reviens Vite Et Oublie (be my baby) - Sophie

Sugga - Cutty Flam

Reviens Vite Et Oublie (be my baby) - Sophie

Sugga - Cutty Flam

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Playing some of my newly acquired 45s from a recent trip to Montreal. Rare tracks today include cuts from Delizia, Les Fanatics, Anna St. Clair.

 Anda - The Cousins

Je Ne Mens Pas - Ronnie Bird

Sage Comme Une Image (“If I Promise”) - Anna St. Clair

 Vautours - Les Fantacis

Voila - Francoise Hardy

J’ai Retrouve - Delizia

Tu N’a Pas Du Droit - France Gall

Chanson Peu que Tu Aime un Peu - France Gall

TV D’Antibes - Les Schtroumpfs

C’est Pas Prudent - Alice Dona

Papa Maman - Arlette Zola

Les Poissons Qu’on Voit Dans L’Eau N’Ont Pas De Bardes - Anna St. Clair

Tout Doucement - Les Filles

Qu’Importe Mes 17 Ans - Arlette Zola

On M’A Toujours Dit - Annie Philippe

Prends Le Chien - Delizia

Spotnick Theme - Les Fanatics

Dansevise - The Cousins

Tu Ne Comprends Rien Aux Filles - Annie Philippe 

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Today's playlist focuses on the dark corners shrouded behind the iron curtain. The following songs are from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, East Germany, Latvia and Russia. The labels that issued these records, like all industry in the eastern bloc, was owned and operated by the government so there are no charts or sales figures available but we do know that the RIGA label in the Soviet Union was the biggest in the world pressing 135 Million records a year! Astounding! Here is a sampling of some pop gems from Eastern Europe in he 60's and 70's. Enjoy!

Torpedo - Novi (Poland)

Vrba - Marta Kubišová (Czechoslovakia)

Kinai Fal - Nemenyi Bela & Atlantis (Hungary)

Gral - East German Modern Jazz (East Germany)

Ein himmelblauer Trabant - Sonja Schmidt (East Germany)

Ven Tukor - Zalatnay Sarolta & Metro (Hungary)

Trzysta Tysiecy Gitar - Karin Stanek (Poland)

Kur Tu Esi - Raimond Pauls (Latvia)

Kdo Ti Radu Dá - Marta Kubišová (Czechoslovakia)

Tak Mi Zie - Nielbiesko Czarni (Poland)

Gostiny Dvor - Pavel Sysoyev (Russia)

If you missed the show and would like to check out some of these tunes and some additional ones, scope out this mix:

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Today's playlist:


Comment Passer À La Télé - Berthe

My LA - Tracy Robbins and Vendells

Longe De Ti (Away From You) - Wanderléa

Avec Toi - Alice Dona

Rentre Sans Moi - Gillian Hills

Il Momento Della Verità - Luisa Casali

Out of This World - Les Players

Notre Prof D’anglais - Chantal Kelly

La Fin de l’Été - Françoise Hardy

En Reve - Johnny Hallyday

Lover of Saint-Jean: Mon Amant De Saint-Jean - Les Guitares Du Diable

Gemini - Del Shannon

Un Air de Fete - Sylvie Vartan


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I set out to make a summer playlist since we're right in the middle of my favorite time of year but I couldn't find any positive summer-themed tunes. I guess that says something about the French! I took a more obtuse angle on the summer concept and chose songs with the right vibe. This would be a nice beach visit soundtrack complete with pop head-bobbers, harmonious psych-folk, lee hazelwood-penned gypsy echo beach boppers and floaty erotic love jams. What more could you ask for really?

C'est La Mode - Annie Phillipe

Achete des Disques Americains - Stella

Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles - Françoise Hardy

Pas Adieu - Antoine et Les Problemes

Soulful Dress - Sugar Pie DeSanto

Twistarella - Les Flash

Les Vacances Commencent Au Jourd'hui - Dani

Ressalva - Sonia Rosa

2968 - Carlo Savina

Baya - Les Sorciers

La Poupée Qui Fait Non - Michel Polnareff

69 Annee Erotique - Serge Gainsborg and Jane Birkin

See if I care - Ria Bartok

Diggedle Boeing - Les Krewkats

On Te Le Dit Il T'aime - Les Petites Souris

You can listen to select cuts on this slightly abridged playlist: 

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Today's playlist is made up of tunes I purchased in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is my favorite city in the world to buy records. There are many great shops there and many are all in walking distance from one another. I personally love that every shop has a francophone section but aside from that, there is an untapped treasure trove of amazing 60's records of all sorts. If you're ever there, and I recommend a visit to the city for many reasons, you too should visit the following record stores:
Le pick up
Aux 33 1/3 tours

There are many more but those are my personal go to stops. A more complete list (including details for those shops) can be found here:

A snapshot of the amazing Francophone racks at Aux 33 1/3 Tours.

A pic of me outside Le Pick Up, my personal favorite. 

Now, without further adieu, here are selections from the 45s I purchased at le pick up last month:

Les Hommes (non, non, non) - Michelle Richard
Le Jeu du Telephone - Caroline
I Want you (j'ai dans mon coeur) - Jean-Pierre Allane (arranged by Jean Claude Vannier)
Aujord'hui c'est ta Fete - Agnes Loti
Bas les Pattes - Liz Brady
Telstar - les Fingers
Adios Amor - Sheila
Mama dis-moi Pourquoi - Sèverine
J'ai Coupe le Telephone - Françoise Hardy
Nothing but a Heartache - the Flirtations
Laisser Tomber les Filles - France Gall

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This week, I'll be playing French covers of well known English and American hits. I find these very charming and often times a nice musical alternative to the originals. Enjoy!

Un Po' D'amore (Knights in White Satin)- Dalida

Aqui En Mi Nube (get off of my cloud) - Sonia

Garde-Moi Dans ta Poche (Sugar Pie Hunnybunch) - Sylvie Vartan

Ich frag dich noch einmal (the last time)- Black Stars

Be Bop A Lula (Be Bop a Lula) - Les Bloussons Noirs

l'Homme en Noir (pretty woman) - Sylvie Vartan

La Voix Du Silence (The Sound of Silence) - Marie Laforêt

Noir C'est Noir (Black Is Black) - Johnny Hallyday

Hey Max (Hey Joe) - Antoine et les Problems Marie Douceur-Marie Colère

Marie Douceur, Marie Colere [Paint It Black] - Marie Laforêt

Fille Ou Garçon (Sloop John B) - Stone

I Faut Trouver Son Coin De Ciel (Beyond The Rising Sun) - Sylvie Vartan

Preghero (Stand By Me) - Les Flash

Tourne, Tourne, Tourne (turn turn turn) - Sylvie Vartan


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Ecoutez - Elsa

Dou Da Dou - Michèle Richard

Commando Spatial - Virginie Rodin

Partir Pour La Lune - Dani

Galaxie - Jean Jacques Debout

So, Do The Zonk - Donna Loren

Je Ne Vois Rien - Antoine et les problems

Egyptian Shumba (alternate version) - The Tammy's

Take Back your Ring - The Tammy's

Je Dis Ce Que Je Pense et Je Vis Comme Je Veux - Antoine et les Problems

Pawnbroker Pawnbroker - Barbara Ruskin

Pari Apres Minuit - Les Relax

Le Vol Du Bourdon - Les Milords

Amalfi Coast - Trabants

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Michel Polnareff - Le Roi Des Fourmis
Pussycat - Je Te Dirai
Jean-Jacques Debout - Aux Accords Des Guitarres
Delphine - La Fermeture Eclair
Brigitte Bardot - Une Histoire de Plage
Anna Karina - Roller Girl
Gert Wilden - Rumba Tropicana
Stone - C’est Ma Vie
Manon - Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose De Pire Qu’un Vampire
Stella - Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose De Pire Qu’un Vampire
France Gall - Ich Singe Meinen Song
Jean-Jacques Debout - Emporte Avec Toi

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Here's the list of tunes for the first edition of Mondo Chić - a segment on Mukta Mohan's Wedneday morning radio show on KXLU

Yé-Yé - Eiko Suri

Les Petits Boudins - Dominique Walter

Jardim Elétrico - Os Mutantes

Hippie Hippie Hourra - Jacques Dutronc

Tut tut tut tut - Gillian Hills

Cet Air-La - France Gall

Sans Astérique - Dani

Tu - Agnes Loti

Black Room - Jun Mayuzumi

Amoureux D'une Affiche - Laura Ulmer

Top Secret - Les Fingers

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