Today's playlist is made up of tunes I purchased in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is my favorite city in the world to buy records. There are many great shops there and many are all in walking distance from one another. I personally love that every shop has a francophone section but aside from that, there is an untapped treasure trove of amazing 60's records of all sorts. If you're ever there, and I recommend a visit to the city for many reasons, you too should visit the following record stores:
Le pick up
Aux 33 1/3 tours

There are many more but those are my personal go to stops. A more complete list (including details for those shops) can be found here:

A snapshot of the amazing Francophone racks at Aux 33 1/3 Tours.

A pic of me outside Le Pick Up, my personal favorite. 

Now, without further adieu, here are selections from the 45s I purchased at le pick up last month:

Les Hommes (non, non, non) - Michelle Richard
Le Jeu du Telephone - Caroline
I Want you (j'ai dans mon coeur) - Jean-Pierre Allane (arranged by Jean Claude Vannier)
Aujord'hui c'est ta Fete - Agnes Loti
Bas les Pattes - Liz Brady
Telstar - les Fingers
Adios Amor - Sheila
Mama dis-moi Pourquoi - Sèverine
J'ai Coupe le Telephone - Françoise Hardy
Nothing but a Heartache - the Flirtations
Laisser Tomber les Filles - France Gall

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