Summertime took me to eastern Canada where the record bins bore many fruits. Today's focus is the singers and bands of 1960's Quebec. In all the enthusiasm for French pop, this Francophone subsect gets tragically overlooked in favor of their french counter parts. I hope to shed some light on them today.

Doo da Dou - Michele Richard

Je Veux Chanter Pour Toi - Christyne Chartrand

Tu Es Impossible - Les Sultans

Last Night - Les Versatiles

Les Bibettes - Karo

Un Jour Un Jour (theme from the '67 expo) - Karo

Hey Freinds Hey Friends! (theme from the '67 expo english version) - Michele Richard

Je Cherche - Les Lutins

Le Premier Chagrin d'Amour - Claire Lapage

Chalala- Les Megatones

Je Suis Libre - Michele Richard

Regarde-Moi - Les Milady's



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