I'm thrilled to present the first post on this new Trabants recording blog. Things can get pretty interesting while making Trabants records so I thought this space could be used to give some insight into the process. 

Cinematic was recorded in Boston and Los Angeles. It's follow-up is the first Trabants record I'm tracking and mixing completely in Los Angeles. I've enlisted some local help (adding to the ever-expanding family tree) to shift the vibe a bit. Drums were tracked at Grandma's Dojo in Ktown with Miles Senzaki whom I chased down after seeing him rule the old school soul sound in his band Breakestra. This was one of the smaller rooms I've used to track drums so things felt way smaller than the cinematic drums which have a sort of "warehouse" bigness to them. Miles owns a newer pair of Coles 4038s so I maintained them as my overhead mics of choice for Trabants' drums. I used my AKG D12E on the kick and the AKG D-19C on snare. We used one ambient room mic also which I can't recall specifically.